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January 2018

Dear Classmates,

As the reunion committee continues to meet and plan for our 50th reunion we are compelled to reflect on and think about what our high school experience and relationships meant to all of our classmates.

We were among countless young Americans coming of age in relatively a short period post WW II. The year 1968 was saturated with social changes and events that challenged existing norms and consequently our future. The Avonworth Class of 1968 stepped up and took responsibility to manage that changing future. One might refer to us as the graduating class of the demise of innocence! We faced adult exposure to some hard core social, political, and moral movements including; civil rights, gender equality, the Vietnam War, and sometimes violent protests. We were there during the indiscriminate sex, drugs, and rock and roll movements. We were a generation who no longer accepted the status quo and questioned contemporary ethics, morals, values, standards, and human rights.


Class of 1968, “We have a whole lot of history.”

Our 50th reunion, a major milestone year, is an opportunity to take us back to a time and place where we prepared for and started our adult lives including choices to continue our education, entering the work force, or serving our country through military service. Our choices ultimately took us separate ways.

Our new lives could not change the common bond we once shared. Some friendships would last a lifetime, others maybe not. Our school teachers and education gave us a foundation which served us well in our future endeavors and helped us form the principles by which we live.

Participation in this reunion gives us a chance, maybe a final chance, to reconnect for a few hours, enjoy ourselves, and experience a simpler time when we were just enjoying high school without the burden of real-life responsibility. Maybe we were not all close friends, but we were all acquaintances in a small school environment.  Even if we did not know each other well, we knew each other by name.

Many of us had different experiences at Avonworth and some might not perceive their overall time there as enjoyable.  But, even if you enjoyed and connected with some classmates, please come and share those times with other classmates who would love to sit and reminisce with you. A special and reminiscent musical journey through our school years has been created just for you.

It was once said, “There are three kinds of people in this world; people who make things happen, people who let things happen, and people who wonder what happened”!

Let’s again, be people who make things happen!

We are looking forward to seeing any and all of you!


Your Reunion Committee

Barb, Dick, Jack, Joann, Russ, Steve, Sue

 (Please contact any of us with questions or comments.)

Russ Weber                                       [email protected]

Jack Swick                                          [email protected]

Sue Kern                                             [email protected]

Barb King-Dunkle                            [email protected]

Joann Vidic-Strebeck                     [email protected]

Dick Herchenroether                      [email protected]

Steve Meyer                                      [email protected]

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