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A little bit of trivia:


The Cafe Notte location is the former location of Bob Tracy's World of Cycles from back in the day.  Prior to that the location of Neidhardt's DeSota Plymouth Dealership.  On the boulevard in Emsworth.


The owners of the Cafe Notte live on the former site of our Avonworth High School in Ben Avon.  Their front door is the same location of the main front door of the high school.

   I don't remember where I got this but did you know?



Alma Mater grand and glorious, to your name with praise we sing. Teach us wisdom Avonworth High School, Red and Grey your colors bring. Through your hallways, from your portals, come the strains of praise so true. Alma Mater, Avonworth High School, we will forever honor you.

Thank you Mr. Thomas Monito & Mr. Daniel Poupard

Mitchell, I do not know what year you were at Avonworth, but I am a '56 grad and my sister Ruthann Acklin McCall (deceased) was a "55 AHS graduate. Our brother Jack was a '49 or '50 graduate. Ruthann wrote the lyrics for the Avonworth Alma Mater sometime during her high school years and won the contest when the students were challenged to create them.  I remember her working on these beautiful words for hours, sitting at our dining room table in Emsworth. Mr. Keister was the choral director and our Concert Choir sang this in four part harmony. It was beautiful and meaningful to all of us.
My sister and brother and I also attended college at Pitt and this same tune is the Pitt Alma Mater, with different words.
Years later, about 1982, our daughter Leslie was challenged by her Albuquerque Sandia Prep School choral director to write lyrics for her school's song. The tune was the same and in a "blind-no-name" selection process, her lyrics were selected!! To say the least, this tune has great significance to me. Sue Acklin Hutchison, Albuquerque, NM


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